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urahara_shouten's Journal

No shirt, no shoes, lots of fanservice!!!
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All things Urahara Kisuke here! Fanart, screencaps, clips, icons, fanfiction, crack, whatever fits into the store. And yes, you can sell your Bleach goodies here, at no charge!

We also welcome all things Yoruichi, Tessai, Ururu and Jinta too.

1. Spoilers are damn well welcome. You've entered at your own risk. Crack up theories, speculations, gossip, are also appreciated. We believe in freedom of expression, but do take note of the rabid fangirl masses that may react violently.

2. Use lj-cuts for large images. Messed up layouts don't please anyone.

3. Please use ratings for your work (including fanart) and put it under a cut, with warning, when and if it's needed. Customers of all ages frequent our store so spare a thought!

4. Shoplifiting is not welcome. Credit whenever what you're posting comes from someone else.

5. Icons should conform to LJ standards: 100x100 & < 40kb. How else are people going to use them?

6. For fanfictions, Yaoi, Yuri, Het and whatever is allowed, but please use a lj-cut and :

- Author:
- Rating:
- Spoilers:
- Summary:
- Disclaimers:
We do trust your good taste, good spelling and good grammar...
Remember, kids come to our shop too. So to avoid scarring them for life, please give ample warning.

7. Selling goods is allowed and welcome. However, we are not to be held responsible for refunds, recalls and such.

8. Though an Urahara-oriented community, we welcome all crack fanfics/arts from other characters to honor the ill-rumored Urahara sillyness.

Please be nice and considerate to all, avoid being annoying with trolling and similar anti-social behaviors or Benihime might get called into action. Remember we have the right to refuse service to anyone…but, no shirt, no shoes (but getas are, by all means welcome ) …lots of fanservice.

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