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Fic: Walking Out Your Front Door

I figured this would be okay to post here since it has Benihime in it.

Title: Walking Out Your Front Door
Author: Hiruma Musouka ([info]prismdropz )
Beta: チ夜ちゃん (Chiyo-chan) [info]kaliawai512 who also did the artwork in the story!
Rating: K+ or PG?
Spoilers: None that I know of...
Pairing/Characters: minor Ichigo/Benihime, Renji, Nemu
Disclaimer: not Tite Kubo, ergo don't own Bleach
Word Count: 2,256
Disclaimer: The only thing about Bleach I own is copies of the manga.
Notes: written for my [info]kissbingo*  card (unintentionally) for the prompt 'type: stolen'. Pictures are linked at the bottom!

Summary: The embarrasing incidents that result from scientists screwing around.
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