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Fic: Kurohyou Keikan (T, Urahara/Yoruichi)

Title:  Kurohyou Keikan
Urahara, Yoruichi
Rating: T
Warnings: This is only such a high rating cuz of a little language.  It's also kinda fluffy, they're kids in this fic peeps!  And sorry for those of you that will be spammed by my cross-posting!! *huggles*
Summary: Swing that pendulum waay back & what do u get? The origins of a centuries-old trio Yoruichi, Urahara & Tessai. Just how did they meet & what started them on their journey 2 the Shinigami Academy. Rated T 2 b safe.
Disclaimer: Don't own Bleach or any of the characters, I just lock myself in my room and make them bend to my muse's will.  Of course in TBTP-type fic I had to make some characters of my own...those are mine...I'll take credit for it right now...Get that shit outta the way.

Chapter One - Dead_Don't_Dream?_Oh-Ho!_I_Beg_To_Differ!
Chapter Two - Ryuken_the_Last_Quincy
Chapter Three - Lost_in_the_Trees_and_Rain
Chapter Four - Kentetsu's_Best_Offer
Chapter Five - Knocked_Out_Without_a_Single_Swing
Chapter Six - A_Crimson_and_Gold_Maze
Chapter Seven - A_One-Armed_Kuku
Chapter Eight - Putting_a_Plan_into_Motion
Chapter Nine - Rescue_Mission
Chapter Ten - You're_What?!
Chapter Eleven - Confessing_Secrets
Chapter Twelve - Yoruichi's_Counteroffer
Chapter Thirteen - Mistress_of_the_Palace

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